The Scottish Football Association
Calum Murray
1. Play continues if the ball strikes a referee during play. What would happen if an assistant referee inadvertently strayed over the touch line on to the field of play and the ball rebounded off him and stayed on the field of play?
Play would be allowed to continue
Dropped Ball
2. A substitute enters the field during stoppage in play. Where does he enter the field of play?
Only at the halfway line
Anywhere on the field
3. Can a goalkeeper wear the same coloured jersey as the referee?
4. Are players allowed to wear any type of jewellery during a match?
5. As the ball is in play and his team are on the attack in the other half of the pitch the goalkeeper of the attacking team intentionally punches an opponent in the face while standing in his own penalty area. How do you restart the game?
Penalty kick
Dropped ball where play was stopped
Direct Free kick where play was stopped
6. Can a goal be scored directly from a kick off?
7. Can players stand inside the "D" at the taking of a penalty kick?
8. Can a goal be scored directly from a throw-in?
9. When taking a corner kick, can a player remove the corner flag to give him a better swing at the ball?
10. Must the ball leave the corner arc at the taking of the corner kick for it to be in play?

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