The Scottish Football Association
Calum Murray
1. What is the minimum height of a corner flag?
5 Feet
6 Feet
7 Feet
2. A defender tries to clear the ball behind for a corner kick but the ball rebounds from the corner flag back into play. What is the decision of the referee?
Play On
Corner kick
3. A goal CANNOT be scored from a ...?
Goal Kick
An indirect free kick
4. If a substitute is ordered off before the match has kicked off would a replacement be allowed to take his place on the substitute’s bench?
5. A player cannot be offside from three types of set piece. One is a goal kick, but what are the other two?
Direct Free kick
Indirect Free kick
Corner kicks
Throw ins
6. If a player is level with the second last opponent is he onside or offside?
7. At the taking of a penalty kick, the kicker runs up, steps over the ball and backheels it to a colleague who then runs in and strikes the ball into the net. Would you award a goal?
8. Must a penalty be a shot at goal?
9. What happens if when taking a goal kick, the goalkeeper miskicks the ball and it does not leave the penalty area?
The kick is retaken
Play on.
10. At a goal kick when is the ball considered to be in play?
When it is kicked beyond the penalty area
When it is touched and moved

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