The Scottish Football Association
Calum Murray
1. What is the minimum height of a corner flag?
5 Feet
6 Feet
7 Feet
2. May the penalty mark be, circular, square, cross or rectangular?
3. A defender tries to clear the ball behind for a corner kick but the ball rebounds from the corner flag back into play. What is the decision of the referee?
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Corner kick
4. An opponent is standing in an offiside position when the ball is played to him direct from a goal kick. The player goes on to score a goal. Should the goal be allowed?
5. The player taking the kick-off at the start of the match shoots at goal and scores. What is your decision?
Goal kick
6. At the taking of kicks from the penalty mark after extra time to decide the result of a cup tie, where must players waiting to take their kick stand during the kicks?
Anywhere on the field of play
Inside the centre circle
7. A player taking a throw in touches the ball for a second time without it having been touched by another player. What is your decision?
Indirect free kick
Retake throw-in
8. When taking a corner kick, can a player remove the corner flag to give him a better swing at the ball?
9. A player scores directly from a corner kick. Is this a goal?
10. A player takes a corner kick. The ball flies towards goal but it hits the near post and rebounds straight back to the kicker, who then crosses the ball into the penalty area where a team-mate of his scores a goal with a header. Is the goal allowed?

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