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Luxembourg SCOTLAND

Luxembourg v SCOTLAND

UEFA European Championship

TBC | 19 September 2010

Stade Henri Dunant, Beggen, Luxembourg

Match Luxembourg v SCOTLAND
Date 19 Sep 2010
Kick-off TBC
Tournament UEFA European Championship
Venue Stade Henri Dunant, Beggen, Luxembourg
Half-Time Score 0 - 0
Full-Time Score 1 - 2
Manager Ross Mathie
No. Player Subs Goals Cards
1 Jack Hamilton
2 Marcus Fraser '62
3 Stuart Urquhart
4 Liam Polworth
5 Joseph Chalmers
6 Lewis Kidd
8 John Herron '80
9 Islam Feruz
10 Jack Grimmer
11 Matthew Kennedy (Reilly, '80)
17 Lee Erwin (MacLeod, '40)
No. Playing Substitutes Goals Cards
7 Lewis MacLeod (Erwin, '40)
16 Thomas Reilly (Kennedy, '80)
No. Unused Substitutes
3 Mohammed Yaqub
4 Craig Slater
15 Connor McVey
12 James Wightman
18 James Thomson
Other Information
Luxembourg no 11 Jeffrrey Dagraca scored in 76 minutes
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Team CaptainTeam Captain  
SubstituteSub on(player off, min) Own GoalOwn goal
SubstituteSub off(player on, min) Red CardRed card
GoalGoal (min) Yellow CardYellow card
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