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Kirkland High School in Kirkcaldy is one of sixteen Schools of Football around the country - part of the ScottishFA's mission to encourage more young people to play the game, more often.


The Scottish FA Schools of Football are about more than just playing ability, they aim to mould better citizens and developsocial and academic abilities through the vehicle of football.


As part of the programme pupils follow an enhanced timetable which includes a period of football activity every day.


Football is used as a tool to motivate the pupils, enhance their social skillssuch as communication, listening and behaviour with the programme’ssuccess being evaluated through factors such as school attendance andacademic improvement. The pupils are coached by Scottish FA player and coach development Officer, Gavin Beith.


Due to the fact that the players are involved in daily sessions for the first two years oftheir school life, they must possess a reasonable playing ability tocope with these demands however their selection is based on much more.


Their social circumstances, academic performance and attendance are allimportant indicators in deciding whether or not they are appropriate forthe programme.


Scottish FA coaches lead the selection and football aspects, but the programme is very much a partnership with localauthority education departments, school teachers, active schoolsco-ordinators and football development officers.


Through out the programme, players have the opportunity to be identified by seniorclubs involved in the Scottish FA Youth Initiative programme.


The Scottish FA Schools of Football are supported by the Scottish Government's CashBack for Communities initiative which puts criminals ill-gotten gains to a good use with the Scottish FA being one of fournational CashBack sports partners of the Scottish Government.


For further information on this programme in the East region, contact Gavin Beith on

or 07841 569 801


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