The Scottish Football Association


Central Region Coaching section

The Central Region has many different ways for new coaches to take their first steps on the coaching ladder.  We have a full programme of coach education that runs through out the year in the six local authorities we cover.  The courses run in a variety of ways, on a variety of different days to make sure that we have something to fit in with busy schedules.

In addition to this if you are a new coach at a Quality mark club, the club can apply for a discount for your course through our Club development managers. 


Volunteer Programme

We also have a student volunteer programme.  Students at the colleges and University in our area can apply to come on our courses for free but they agree to undertake a certain amount of volunteer hours, depending on the level of coach education they wish to undertake.  From there we endeavour to place the volunteers with our development officers and Quality Mark clubs to ensure they have a route to practise the new skills they have learned.

If you would like more information on Coach Education please contact our central office on 01786 467165 or email

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