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School of football

The School of Football is a project aimed at developing the social and academic skills of young people during their first and second year of high school. We work on the basis that many skills developed while working in a football environment are transferable to school work and social situations.


Communication skills, following instructions, being creative and problem solving are skills either naturally acquired or developed when learning to play football, but can also be applied in classroom situations, in the playground, at home or in the street.


For many young children, football is an activity which captures their imagination and brings joy and happiness to their life. This is why, through the School of Football project, we use the sport to engage participants in school life as a whole.

A highly qualified - accredited by Scottish FA - coach is employed for the daily delivery and coordination of each School of Football and is responsible for the daily delivery and coordination of the project.


Coaching takes place during school time after an appropriate timetable is developed by the school. In most cases, one subject is dropped to make space for football with support provided by staff to allow the pupil to remain up to date with their studies.

We currently deliver the project to 16 schools across the country, delivering over 5000 hours of practice to 440 pupils.


We have seen great success in both the social and academic development of the pupils since its inception in 2008 and are in dialogue with additional local authorities to give more pupils from disadvantaged communities the opportunity to benefit from this Cashback funded initiative.

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