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A Double Goal Coach doesn't focus on match results and league positions. A Double Goal Coach understands building confidence, focusing on effort, valuing sportmanship, encouraging resilience and motivating young players will ultimately develop better football players, produce better results and leave young people with useful life skills.


We encourage every coach to become a ‘Double Goal Coach’.


A Double Goal Coach will teach young players to 'Honour Our Game' and encourage high standards in behaviour and attitude.


Teaching young players how to play to the rules, how to respect opponents and referees, how to work together as a team and to have self-respect is key to their development on and off the field.


A Double Goal Coach will always ask their young players to give maximum effort to their individual targets as well as those of the team. Players will continually improve if they are learning and they can develop resilience if you support them to bounce back and learn from mistakes. We call this Mastery Coaching.


Research proves this approach has a positive effect on the development of young players and achieves winning teams.A double goal coach will build confidence in young players by giving child friendly feedback, listen to the needs of the player, show positive body language and give effective praise and encouragement.


Please check out our coaching tools and resources for double goal coaching.


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