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Be a Positive Footballing Parent


Every parent is a 'coach' to their child. Perhaps not on the training field but your support in their development is just as vital as the input of their team coach.


Learning to support and encourage in the right manner is important for a parent and PCS has the tools to support you to get the best from your child and their footballing experience.


Taught in the right manner football can develop vital character-building life skills in your child, skills that will help them in every walk of life.


Football will teach your child how to:
→set and achieve targets
→be a team player
→be confident
→be fit and healthy
→be disciplined
→cope with failure and bounce back
→be committed
→be persistent
→show leadership

You are a role model to your child so help them to focus on enjoying the game, on behaving respectfully and on developing their potential.

Please check out our parent tools and resources for positive parenting.


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