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The Scottish FA invites football clubs and individuals alike to show support for the Positive Coaching Scotland programme by signing up to the PCS Club Pledge. The pledge is a statement of your intent to play your part in changing the culture of youth football and you can find a lot of the tools you'll need within this section of the website. Whether you're a player, parent, coach or volunteers there is advise, tools and resources available in the menus at the top of this page.

The pledge comprises of five commitments:

Develop a football culture in your club where young players are developed positively, learn to win through effort and develop skills for life through football

Teach everyone involved in your club including players, parents, volunteers and spectators how to show respect and sportsmanship to Honour Our Game

Have a long term aim by moving the focus away from results and league tables to succeeding and winning through effort.

Work in partnership with parents, coaches & players, to enhance the skill and learning of all members to create a club  committed to excellence and championing the PCS culture.

Be a club who;
create a more enjoyable football experience for all involved
supporting the teaching of life lessons and character development
foster better player development and performance
keep young people in football longer

AC Oxgangs
"Fun learning for kids."

Pollok FC
"It is our commitment to the player pathway ethos. It reminds us to give belief to the next generation of players that the opportunity exists to continually develop to be the best they can be."

Callander Thistle FC
"PCS will ensure that the right ethos is installed within our members to ensure that kids can learn the game within the correct positive environment."

Salvesen Community FC
"PCS is important to our club. By working alongside the SFA and other like minded clubs, we are able to bring the best out of our players, parents and coaches. This will enable Salvesen to provide the type of club that will benefit the community and give all players the correct platform to develop."

Ferry Athletic
"PCS is a very important part of our coaching beliefs at Ferry Athletic and believe it helps kids confidence and to reach their potential not just in football."

Dundee United Sports Club
"To have a learning process in a positive manner. To develop a positive football culture. To create the right coaching environment thats enjoyable and fun. Retain young people playing football."

Clydebank Girls FC
"Clydebank Girls FC encourage every player to fulfil their sporting and social potential through football. We hope to achieve this through a firm but positive approach towards individual player development."

Crosshouse Boys Club
"To have a positive effect on young peoples development in sport."

Hamilton Academical WFC
"PCS underpins all our activity at the club, from how we coach and educate our players, parents and volunteers to how we interact with other clubs and bodies such as SFA and SWF. Having a programme like PCS also allows us to have a series of expectations as to how other clubs who have made the pledge will interact with us. It is a fantastic philosophy and one which we are extremely proud to espouse at Accies and we also have a number of PCS tutors on our staff."

Milton FC
"PCS means that every person at our club, whether it be coaches, players, parents or committee members all have a positive attitude towards one another, and other that we come in contact with to create a memorable experience for the children in enjoying their football."

Colony Park Football Club
"PCS to our club means we will operate within the laws of the game and encourage every player, coach, manager, parent, committee member to act with the best interest of those participating in football and show sporting integrity."

Douglas Lads FC
"Positive Coaching is a key element of Douglas Lads Club . We allow the players to play football in a non-pressured environment where they can make mistakes without fear. We encourage them to be expressive and not be afraid to try new ideas. This will allow them to develop into a courageous and confident player. If we all adhere to this ethos, we can build upwards from grassroots level and make the next generation of footballers play to the level that Scotland aspires to."

Tullibody Hearts
"We feel that PCS is a vital part of our club ethos and that it allows those involved with the club too receive an enjoyable experience whilst playing football."

Dundee Celtic Boys Club
"It means that we ensure that the players enjoy their coaching and football in a fun, stress-free and positive environment."

Holytown Colts Y C
"PCS allows for education of our coaches and parents which in turn provides a safe and enjoyable environment for our young people to develop."

Drumchapel United 2001s
"PCS is a model for success in sport."

Glasgow Girls FC
"PCS is a great programme, it encourages players with their own development and decision making choices, We do not need adults or coaches shouting what to do and putting pressure on the players, let the players have fun with no pressure and enjoy the game, they will learn!"

Dumbarton United AFC
"PCS will now give us a direct goal within our local community to help lay down a foundation to build upon and aim towards making a difference in the Scottish Culture in relation to grass-roots football."

Castlemilk Boys Club
"Our club values developing young people overall enabling them to represent themselves, their family and their community in a positive manner. We look to develop our players as people first and if they have any success at football that is a bonus. It is more important that they gain a life long love of the game."

Holytown Colts Youth Club
"PCS would mean that we are willing to say goodbye to all the negativity surrounding young players having fun."

Croftfoot United FC
"PCS to our club inspires both our volunteers and parents to maintain a good level of support to the development of the kids. We strive to make sure that a high standard of commitment is given to each and every child regardless of ability, race or gender.We hope to make sure that through the PCS workshops our volunteers are educated to the correct level and are implementing a positive attitude through all involved at our club."

Formartine United Football Club
"We hereby pledge our club support to the positive coaching scotland programme. Formartine United Football Club pledge to accept that striving to win is more important than winning itself. We don't use WON'T We don't use DON'T. We don't use CAN'T. 'Vero Possumus'."

Riverside CSC
"To create a fun safe playing environment to allow the players to express themselves on the pitch and grow as both players and people."

Duns Football Club
"We are able to teach our youngsters in a friendly safe environment."

Milan Boys Club
"PCS is an opportunity for our club to continue with the development of our players in a positive environment."

Kilbirnie Community Football Club
"PCS is an integral part of the KCFC strategy for players, coaches and parents alike. We wholly support the PCS programme as part of our player pathway to sporting excellence."

Clyde FC School of Football (Southside)
"Our vision is a football culture where young players are developed in a positive, safe environment. They are encouraged to learn to win through effort and where valuable life lessons are developed. Through the Clyde FC School of Football Positive Coaching Programme we will instil and reinforce positive values, attitudes and behaviour to the key people in the game including players, coaches, parents and club leaders. We will teach young players how to play to the rules, respect opponents and referees/officials. We will teach our players how to work together as a team and to have self-respect."

Easterhouse Football Academy
"Easterhouse FA will encourage young footballers to express themselves on the football pitch during their development we will integrate life skills within the club and respect for others is high on our agenda."

Blairgowrie and Rattray CSC
"PCS has allowed the club the look its aims and desired culture."

Castleview Football Club
"What PCS means to Castleview Football Club is that we are doing the right things at the club and are aiming to continue to improve and develop the club. As coaches we aim to give our players the best of our knowledge we have gained out of the SFA coaching courses we have been on."

Musselburgh Windsor
"PCS represents everything that is positive about our game. At MWFC we will strive to cascade the principles of PCS through all those associated with the club, to ensure that all players benefit."

Peterhead Boys Club

"Peterhead Boys Club aims to become recognised as a club who strives to promote the positive activities involved with Youth Football. To our members we aim to provide them with the best experience they can have, focussing on enjoyment, participation and equality. For our coaches we   aim to give them the best coach education and ultimately enjoyment and support them at all times."

Stirling City FC
"PCS to our club means we will operate within the laws of the game and encourage every player and committee member to act with the best interest of those participating in football and show sporting integrity. Not only will enjoyment and participation be a focus but learning life skills are a valuable asset which aim to foster."

North Merchiston FC
"PCS will help us create an environment where players can develop as good people and footballers."

Merkinch Football Academy
"Raising the standard of our club and aiming to make an improvement in coaching, conduct and the way we perform on the pitch."

Raigmore Utd
"We pledge to develop the skills and give support and positive   coaching to the players involved with Raigmore Utd as we are more than just a football club."

Middlefield Wasps
"To create an environment in our football club where our players learn skills not only for the games they are playing just now but hopefully   for situations they will encounter in later life."

Polbeth United CFC

"An opportunity for the club to promote positive coaching to all our   members to help them enjoy and develop in their football journey."

Fraserburgh Link-Up YFC
"It means a great deal to our club, both coaches and kids get the benefits from positive coaching, supporting both teams on the pitch and encouraging the development of youth football."

Currie Boys FC
"PCS is part of the Currie Boys commitment to be a positive member of our community, helping to create an environment where all our players can develop both as footballers and as people."

Kelso FC Juniors
"We all want our kids to grow up and develop the right way and we all want them to show respect in all aspects of life, including football. With the help of PCS our club will be able to help the kids develop their life and football skills."

Stonehaven Youth FC
"Stonehaven Youth Football Club fully support the PCS initiative and recognise our responsibility to help every child to reach their potential through the provision of a safe environment to learn, develop and grow as individuals and as part of a team."

Preston Athletic YFC
"Our Club supports the positive coaching programme as it helps not only the coaches and volunteers within our club, but the parents and most importantly the kids that we teach."

Ellon Meadows FC
"It means that we will promote positive coaching and act upon anyone found to be abusive on the touchline or pitch."

Craigshill Thistle Community Sports Club
"Positive coaching giving children the confidence to achieve the most they can in life."

Lossiemouth FC Youth Development
"To further improve the standard of coaching for young people within our Club"

Tranent Colts FC
"PCS provides the necessary tools and support to ensure our Club, coaching staff and parents foster a positive environment for the development of each and every young player, providing skills for life through football"

Carbrain Boys Club
"Positive coaching to all players no matter there ability, encouragement all the time"

Murieston United Community Football Club
"For players to develop in a positive and safe environment. To learn valuable lessons to help in later life"

Kemnay Football Club
"PCS is all about coaches and Club officials creating a culture where coaching is positive, constructive and fun, where young people can enjoy their football and develop at their own pace and where results are secondary"

Dyce Boys Club
"PCS is a central part of the Dyce BC ethos and ensures that everyone conected with the Club is committed to developing the themes of respect and sportsmanship"

East Calder Colts
"To create a fun and learning environment for youngsters to develop their skills positively whilst nurturing an all round passion for sport and fitness"

Byron Boys Club
"To teach players the proper manner to play and promote Scottish football"

Kincardine Community FC
"Players are able to develop in a safe and positive environment where they will learn that effort means just as much as winning"

Caledonian Youth Club
"As a community club PCS ties in with our ethos and commitment to a positive environment"

Pumpherston United Football Club
"To achieve a level of quality whereby young players are developed in the best possible way with encouragement, respect, effort , confidence and success being highlighted in a positive way"

Kincardine Community FC
"Players are able to develop in a safe and positive environment where they will learn that effort means just as much as winning"

Cuminestown Youth AFC
"PCS provides focus and framework to uphold, and progress, the values in which we already believe. Through embracing the PCS programme it will provide an environment where our players learn both football and life skills, and the parents, coaches and volunteers learn to love and support the game, and its players, in the 'right' way"

Armadale Thistle Sports Club
"This means that we can now have our coaches attend workshops that deliver information and show that positive coaching works. It is also a great thing that PCS has been accepted by the SFA as good practice and we can only hope that it helps coaches deliver better quality coaching to our players"

Bargeddie Colts
"It gives our kids the foundation to become not only better footballers but better people"

Haddington Athletic
"Positive coaching is something that we would like to promote in our club. By making Coaches,Parents,Players and volunteers aware of how important this subject can be and help them understand the importance. We want to promote positive attitudes and a positive atmosphere within in the club for players to allow them to develop to their potential"

Clarkston Amateur Athletic Club
"Our clubs first secretary reminded us at a presentation night that to enjoy winning you have first to learn how to lose. To many football people concentrate on winning and forget very few of our young charges will ever carry through to the top of the tree. We are happy to encourage our young players to be all they can be and to do their best. That might not take them to the highest level but it should never disqualify them from playing, developing and enjoying the experience of being part of something,making friends and staying active. Positive coaching Scotland sells this message and we are happy to pledge our support for this ethos"

Turriff United Youth Football Club
"PCS helps us as a club to promote fair play to ALL of our kids and allows us to give every individual equal opportunity. This is a great tool to be used in conjunction with any sport"

North Glasgow Football Development Group
"Our club is dedicated to the positive development of all young players and volunteers"

Quarriers United FC
"We set up Quarriers United FC with our aim to encourage and promote developmental football and to foster fair play and participation for all. So the club are more than happy to support the PCS programme. It's the right way to develop the football culture in Scotland"

Central Rio FC
"We will make every effort to develope our young players positively not only in relation to football but as a person and encourage support with this effort from all our volunteers, parents and players"

Falkirk Ladies Football Club
"PCS supports our coaches, players and parents to understand that hard work, practice and commitment is needed before success can happen"

Jerviston Football Club
"PCS provides a framework to allow all members of the Jerviston Community (players, parents, guardians and volunteer members) the opportunity to enjoy the game of football and to have positive interaction with all other parties we come into contact with through the sport"

Glasgow Football Academy
"At Glasgow Football Academy we try to develop players through the effort given by the player rather than the skill level they come to us with"

Park Villa Football Development
"where young players are developed positively, learn to win through effort and develop skills for life through our game"

FC Thistle
"we have been positive coaching for years, we made a decision no matter how bad we would never put a player down and encourage the best. Not only are the young learning a fun sport but also learning team work and working for each other"

Clydeside Football Club
"PCS is the most innovative organisation and resource available to our club and leads the way where positivity towards the coaching and interaction with young footballers is a must. With the guidance and support of PCS we will provide a positive, safe and enjoyable environment for Players, Coaches & Parents"

Dalziel Boys Club
"PCS and Quality Mark will bring the club together so that the coaches and volunteers have the correct tools to drive the club forward. It will also help us put the children first and make their experience of football a more enjoyable and fun one"

Newcraighall Leith Vics FC
"PCS is the way forward for grassroots football, this will change scottish football and make playing and coaching in scotland more enjoyable for everyone"

Tynecastle FC
"A clear message to players, parents and coaches that we are here to develop people as well as footballers"

Clyde FC School of Football
"We pledge to totally support the five commitments as following all of these simple rules will enhance the football experience of all our young players and their families"

Broomhill Boys Club
"PCS allows us as a club to promote fair play to all our kids. It allows us to develop them as not only footballers but as individuals and as a result we are beginning to work towards having success both on and off the field"
Oban Saints AFC

"The PCS vision and Scottish FA Quality Mark will assist our club to help youngplayers develop in a safe environment where they will learn to win byeffort and where valuable life lessons are taught"

Milngavie Boys Club
"We will actively support PCS as its a great opportunity for players tobe part of a "family" develop, make friends, help others, and compete inSport amongst other things. Everyone is different and at differentlevels and this is where PCS helps all achieve something for all"

Gartcairn Football Academy
"PCS is a means to show parents and coaches and players how to respectthe game, the opposition, the referee and themselves.All at the clubhope that through PCS we can put an end to the abuse which is heard moreoften than not at every touchline across Scotland"

Kirkintilloch Rob Roy FC
"The Positive Coaching Scotland programme is important for thedevelopment of 'YOUR PLAYERS' to learn new football skills and developnew life skills"

Kelvindale Thistle
"Positive Coaching Scotland represents everything that we as a club are trying to achieve for our young players"

East End Thistle
"PCS will be intigrated in to both our Coaches and Parents Charter atEast End Thistle and we continue to aim to make players football andlearning experience as positive and enhancing as possible"

Glasgow University 19s
"To be a club who develop a football culture in Scotland where youngplayers are developed positively, learn to win through effort anddevelop skills for life through our game"

Dumbarton Riverside FC
"PCS means everything to Dumbarton Riverside FC. This is the goal that weaim to achieve through our coaching practice by all levels of coachesand volunteers within the club. This is our Gold Standard"

Cowdenbeath United
"As a club we are always striving to develop all players individuallywith an emphasis on supporting each other through hard work. Encouragingpassing football and development of a positive football ethos willalways come before winning for the young children involved"

Broomhill Boys Club
"PCS allows us as a club to promote fair play to all our kids. It allowsus to develop them as not only footballers but as individuals and as aresult we are beginning to work towards having success both on and offthe field"

Links United & Beechwood Community Football Club
"The style of coach, parent and player education is of utmost importance to the development of our young players"

Giffnock Soccer Centre
"It is the difference between the coaching and behaviour I saw as a young player and the coaching and behaviour I see now"

Rossvale FC
“Positive coaching is very valuable tool for our club. Our coaches have utilised the PCS coach tools within their practices with great results.”

“PCS is a long term programme for Spartans with the aim that PCS becomes 2nd nature on how we behave, communicate, coach and play. Live together, play together, win together – The Spartans Way.”

Blantyre Soccer Academy
'PCS helps us to reinforce our Mission. Our aim is to develop skilled,
confident and creative players. To make the game fun and safe in
practice and play. To teach good behavioural habits and respect for all.
To value character, effort and performance as equal to winning.

Westdyke Community Club
“PCS is a ground-breaking cultural change programme. Westdyke community club is committed to helping more young people to gain a positive experience from sport.”

Cumbernauld Colts
“PCS along with the Scottish FA Quality Mark programme has really helped us shape our club and focus on the things that really matter, the kids! Developing them as football players and as people and getting the right structures & practices in place we are enjoying more success as a club than ever.”

Wasps Community Club
"It brings us all together with all the coaches working in the same direction."

Cowie United FC
"Positive Coaching means we are giving our volunteers the tools to be more effective in their role. They are putting the kids before the game, enjoyment and fun before scores."

Beith Juniors Community FC

"PCS means having a positive outlook on all aspects of football instead of the use of negativity towards young players. To promote fair play throughout all the age groups to show the kids the use of a positive role model as a coach as the children tend to copy the coaches attitude towards certain aspects in football."

Broxburn United Sports Club
"PCS has helped have a more positive outcome, the relationship with
parents has become better, because they acknowledge that positive
behaviour brings positive results. The change that is happening will
support the child's development in football and as a person. Touchline
behaviour is becoming more positive thanks to the PCS workshop and the message we are delivering to players, coaches and parents. We have
noticed the atmosphere around games has become better, the players are responding to the positive behaviour. The vision is to build on the
change and to ensure we sustain the positivity through PCS methods."

Strathavan Dynamo AFC
"PCS allowed us to share our experiences and views on many positive
aspects of running a club properly whilst benefiting from hearing additional ideas on how to improve further such as greater parental involvement and not just to drop their children off and pick up, setting weekly improvement targets
for players to strive towards, set game targets for players. It also allowed us to discuss the negative aspects that periodically surface in the game and how we can improve our behaviour on the pitch, off the pitch and on the touchline."


Alyn Gunn - Coach - Thurso Rangers ♦ Mark Sinclair - Coach - Newcraighall Leith Vics FC ♦ Kevin Millar - Coach - Newcraighall Leith Vics FC ♦ George Innes - Coach - Garnkirk United ♦ Stevie Drennan - Volunteer - Gleniffer Thistle, Paisley, Johnstone & District YFL, Queens Park FC Youth ♦ Eric Bennett - Volunteer - Cumnock Juniors Community Enterprise ♦ Paul Clocherty - Parent - St Mirren FC ♦ Craig Sutherland - Coach - Formartine United Football Club ♦ Fiona McKeon - Parent, Volunteer - Murieston United Community FC ♦ Paige Lawson - Coach - Edinburgh South FC ♦ Michael Mulkerrin - Coach, Parent - Dumbarton United AFC ♦ James Barron - Coach - Mains FC (SYFA) ♦ Richard Newell - Coach - Mossend Football Club 2004 ♦ Robert Coughlin - Coach - Dundee Celtic Boys Club U14s, DDYFA ♦ Stephen Robertson - Coach - Edinburgh Napier University ♦ Scott Mitchell - Coach - Dumbarton United AFC ♦ Paul Harley - Coach - Dumbarton United AFC ♦ Chris Kettles - Coach, Parent - Kirriemuir Youth ♦ Mitch Bowman - Coach - Dumbarton United AFC U13s ♦ David Flint - Coach - Currie Boys Club and Juniper Green School ♦ Michael Mulkerrin - Coach - Dumbarton United AFC ♦ Neil Shaw - Coach, Parent, Supporter - Dumbarton United AFC ♦ Karen Shields - Parent - Celtic Boys Club 2006s ♦ Edward Kelly - Coach - Dumbarton United AFC 2007s ♦ Alison Kelly - Parent - Dumbarton United AFC 2007s ♦ Louise Duncan - Coach, Parent -  Dumbarton United AFC ♦ Paul Burns - Coach - Dumbarton United AFC ♦ Marie Whalen - Coach, Parent  - Dumbarton United AFC, Glasgow and District Youth Football League ♦ David McCallum - Dumbarton United AFC ♦ Michael Mulkerrin - Coach - Dumbarton United AFC ♦ Iain Lobban - Coach - Dumbarton United AFC ♦ Sharon Boo - Coach - Dumbarton United AFC ♦ Gerry Docherty - Coach - Dumbarton United AFC ♦ Andrew Punton - Coach - Dumbarton United AFC ♦ Richard Laing - Coach - Dumbarton United 2001s Glasgow and District League ♦ Pat Williamson - Coach - Dumbarton United AFC 2004s ♦ David Wardrop - Coach, Parent, Supporter - Dumbarton United AFC ♦ Jim Grierson - Coach - Dumbarton United AFC ♦ Ann Harrison - Volunteer - Dumbarton United AFC ♦ Craig McAtear - Coach - Dumbarton United AFC ♦ Duncan MacCalman - Coach - Dumbarton United 2001's, Glasgow and District Youth Football League ♦ Shirley Drain - Coach - Dumbarton United AFC ♦ Matthew Monaghan - Coach - Dumbarton United AFC ♦ Ann McMillan - Coach - Dumbarton United AFC ♦ Andy Burns - Coach - Dumbarton United AFC ♦ Alan Harrison - Coach - Dumbarton United AFC ♦ Gary Mulraney - Volunteer ♦ Al West - Coach - Dundee Fun Fours ♦ Craig Pilon - Coach, Player, Supporter ♦ Steve Wilson - Coach, Parent, Player, Referee - Kilbirnie Community Football Club ♦ Steven Morton - Coach, Parent, Supporter - Clyde FC School of Football (Southside) ♦ Rosy McMillan - Player - Kilbirnie Community Football Club Girls Under 13's ♦ Fiona Sloss - Coach, Supporter - Kilbirnie Community Football Club Girls ♦ John McMillan - Coach, Parent, Supporter, Volunteer - Kilbirnie Community Football Club Girl's ♦ Robert Sweeney - Coach - Clyde FC School of Football (southside) ♦ Stuart Turnbull - Coach - Musselburgh Windsor FC ♦ Ian Davidson - Coach, Parent - Ayrshire Girls FC ♦ Lisa Davidson - Coach - Ayrshire Girls FC ♦ Iain Ramage - Coach ♦ Brian Johnston - Coach - Cover Boys Club ♦ Paul Orme - Coach - North Merchiston FC ♦ Ally Grieve - Parent - Bayside AM Jim Wiseman - Coach - Dyce BC ♦ Scott Wallace - Coach - Livingston FC ♦ Michael McRobert - Coach - Young Killie/Challenger Sports ♦ Richard Thomas - Coach - Stonehaven Youth Football Club ♦ Scott Nicoll - Coach, Player, Supporter, Volunteer ♦ Alan Macmillan - Parent, Supporter, Volunteer - West Calder United 98s & Polbeth United 2000/2001s ♦ Graham McLachlan - Coach - Currie Boys FC ♦ Derek Paterson - Coach, Parent, Player, Referee, Supporter, Volunteer - Kelso FC Juniors ♦ David Sheldon - Coach - Scottish FA - Tom Terrell - Coach, Volunteer - Dalkeith Miners CYP ♦ Malcolm Fielding - Coach - Lochend YFC ♦ Roy Samson - Coach - Dean Thistle FC ♦ Stuart Reid - Coach - Linlithgow Rose Community FC ♦ Lynda Stevenson - Parent - Gartcairn Football Academy 2001s ♦ Alan Sharp - Coach - Jimmy Johnstone Academy ♦ Sandy Carrol - Coach - Banchory St Ternan Junior FC ♦ Ewan McLevy - Player - Kilmarnock FC ♦ Stuart O'Hara - Coach, Parent - Irvine Vics 2004s & St Marks Primary ♦ Sam Gemmell - Parent, Player, Supporter - Helensburgh FC ♦ Neil Robertson - Coach, Parent, Volunteer - Spartans ♦ Jim Fleeting - Coach, Parent, Player, Supporter - Kilwinning Sports Club ♦ George Anderson - Coach - Dyce Boys Club Stewart Bell - Coach - Darvel Youth Girls James McAuley - Coach, Supporter, Volunteer - Bargeddie Colts David Litherland - Coach - Houston United FC 2006s Jamie Graham - Coach - Oban Saints FC Debbie McMoneagle - Parent - Gartcairn FA 2007s Stuart Allardyce - Coach, Parent, Supporter, Volunteer - Bargeddie Colts Stewart Maule - Coach, Parent, Supporter, Volunteer - Helensburgh Football Club ♦ Callum MacAulay - Coach - Kincardine Community FC Lawrence Murray - Coach - Vardar West, Grand Valley Soccer Association ♦ Iain Kilpatrick - Coach, Parent, Supporter ♦ Ian Strachan - Coach, Volunteer - Blackburn Football Club Alan Roberts - Coach, Parent, Supporter, Volunteer - Glenrothes Strollers FC ♦ Andrew McNair - Coach, Parent, Supporter - Quarriers United FC ♦ Jim Glover - Coach Big Hearts Community Trust ♦ Donna Young - Parent - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ Gary Smith - Coach - Gartcairn Youth Academy ♦ Gordon Thomson - Coach, Parent, Player, Referee, Supporter, Volunteer - Bargeddie Colts ♦ Fiona Crichton - Parent - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ Richard Roddy - Coach - Gartcairn Youth Academy ♦ Graham Robertson -  Coach - Quarriers United FC ♦ Graham Delvin - Supporter - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ Hussein Ali - Coach, Parent - Links United & Beechwood Community Football Club ♦ David Smith - Coach - Links United & Beechwood Community Football Club ♦ Gary McCardle - Coach - Links United & Beechwood Community Football Club ♦ Euan Pringle - Coach - Links United & Beechwood Community Football Club ♦ Tom Chalmers - Coach - Links United & Beechwood Community Football Club ♦ Gordon Harrison - Parent - Hamilton Accies ♦ Martin Currie - Coach - Park Villa Football Development ♦ Gary Clark - Coach - North Merchiston FC ♦ Alison Grant - Parent - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Scott Nicoll - Coach, Volunteer ♦ Jack Paterson - Player - Kilmarnock FC ♦ Joanne Paterson - Parent - Kilmarnock FC ♦ Azam Khan - Coach - FC Thistle ♦ Trish Haggerty - Parent - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Bruce Niven - Coach, Parent - Quarriers United FC 2005s ♦ Derek Mitchell - Coach, Parent, Volunteer - Brechin City Youths FC ♦ Karen Carlon - Coach - Jeanfield ♦ Peter Aitken - Parent - Dumbarton Riverside ♦ Pauline Lowrie - Coach - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Vince Hamill - Coach, Parent - Dumbarton Riverside 2005s ♦ Elaine Jaap - Parent - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Ann Gallagher - Parent - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦  Arthur Stackpool - Coach, Parent - Cumbernauld Colts ♦ Bernadette Payne - Supporter - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ Lee Thomson - Coach - Beith Juniors Community FC ♦ Andy Burns - Coach - West Park United ♦ Gerry Weir - Coach - Spartans FC Youth 2006 ♦ Valerie Nisbet - Parent - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Sharelle Lewis - Parent - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Lewis Marshall - Player Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Chris Rose - Coach - Mearns Churches FC ♦ Doug Johnston - Coach, Parent, Player, Referee, Supporter, Volunteer - Linlithgow Rose CFC ♦ Chris Miller - Parent - Gartcairn Football Academy 2001s ♦ Rebeca Adams - Player - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Victoria Clark - Parent - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Margaret Rose Higgins - Parent - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Paul Douglas - Parent - 2002 Blacks ♦ Christine Douglas - Parent - 2002 Blacks ♦ David Wright - Parent - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Garry Bloice - Supporter - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ Scott Banks - Coach, Parent, Volunteer - Dumbarton Riverside FC ♦ Gordon Hunter - Coach - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ Aiden Paterson - Player - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Jim Williamson - Coach, Parent - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Steven Morton - Coach, Parent, Supporter - Clyde FC School of Football ♦ Carmel Dutra - Supporter - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ Ewan Mclees - Player - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Mckenzie McEwen - Player - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ George Ponton - Coach, Parent, Supporter - Kinross Colts ♦ Derek More - Coach - Dumbarton United ♦ Mark Bisset - Player - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Peter Thomson - Coach - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ John Cummings - Coach, Parent - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Brian Brolly - Parent - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Mark Craig - Coach - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Margaret McPheat - Parent - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Gordon Black - Coach - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Jim Paterson - Parent Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Ryan - Player - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ David Findlay - Coach - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Paul Mullen - Parent - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Lewis Buchanan - Player - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Marie Docherty - Parent ♦ Moira Wallace - Supporter - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Richard Moore - Player - Gartcairn Football Academy 2006s ♦ Greg Marshall - Coach, Parent - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Angela Mcpake - Parent - Gartcairn Football Academy 2004s ♦ Lisa Davidson - Coach - Kilwinning Sports Club Blacks ♦ James Evans - Coach, Parent, Supporter, Volunteer - Queen's Park FC ♦ Michael Kearns - Coach - Paisley Football Club, SAFL ♦ Jamie McBrearty - Coach - Dundee Football Club ♦ Scott Macrae - Coach - Tass Thistle ♦ Ian Robertson - Coach - Broxburn Girls U11s ♦ Julie Paterson - Parent - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Rab Gurney - Coach, Supporter ♦ Gordon King - Coach, Parent, Volunteer - Lanark Thistle (wlss) ♦ Darren Fletcher - Player, Parent - Manchester United, Scotland ♦ John Robertson - Coach ♦ Jordan Rennie - Coach, Volunteer - East End Thistle 2005s ♦ Garry Balfour - Coach - Forfar Boys Club ♦ David Charles - Coach, Parent, Referee, Supporter, Volunteer - Pumpherston United FC ♦ Jordan Ross - Coach - City Of Glasgow College ♦ Chris McLaughlin - Coach, Player, Supporter, Volunteer - Cumbernauld Colts ♦ Gordon Campbell - Coach, Parent - Dumbarton United ♦ Alex McLeish - Coach, Parent ♦ Robert Henderson - Coach - Queens Park FC ♦ Paul Buggy - Coach, Parent, Volunteer - Cambusnethan Talbot 2006's,LFDA Fun Fours ♦ Alex Lauriston - Coach - Gartcairn Youth Academy ♦ Robert Boyd - Coach, Parent, Volunteer - Haldane United AFC ♦ David Wardrop - Coach - Dumbarton United ♦ Mark Craig - Coach ♦ Andy Bowers - Coach - Dumbarton Riverside FC ♦ Derek Brooks - Parent - Barrhead Boys Youth Club ♦ Karen Shields - Parent - Barrhead Boys Youth Club ♦ David McCallum - Coach - Dumbarton United ♦ Ritchie Wilson - Coach, Parent, Player, Supporter, Volunteer ♦ Amanda McFarlane - Parent, Supporter, Volunteer - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ Alex McFarlane - Player - Milngavie Boys 2003s ♦ Jamie McFarlane - Player - Milngavie Boys Club 2000s ♦ Jack McFarlane - Player - Milngavie Boys Club 98's ♦ Graeme McFarlane - Coach, Parent, Supporter - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ Martin Doogan - Coach, Parent - Cumbernauld Colts ♦ Alan Harrison - Coach - Dumbarton United AFC ♦ Blair Corrigall - Player - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ Ron Corrigall - Parent - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ Linda Stewart - Parent - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ Gerry Neilson - Coach - Polebeth United Comunity FC ♦ Kenny Mackinnon - Supporter - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ Ross Roger - Player - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ Campbell Roger - Coach - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ Blair Roger - Player - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ Jacqueline Roger - Parent - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ John Connelly - Coach, Parent, Volunteer - CumbernauldColts ♦ Steve Reid - Parent - Quarriers United FC ♦ Garry Balfour - Coach, Parent - Forfar Boys Club ♦ Iain Houston - Coach ♦ Sammy Taggart - Coach - Clyde FC ♦ Ellen Pkunkett - Parent - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Louis Douglas - Coach - Clermiston Girls Football Club ♦ Martin McGhie - Coach - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Alan Bateman - Coach - Cumbernauld Colts ♦ Andrew McHard - Coach, Parent - Dumbarton Riverside ♦ Azam Khan - Coach - FC Thistle ♦ Stuart McElroy - Coach - Falkirk ♦ Derek Goldie - Coach - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Paul Fitzpatrick - Coach, Supporter - Scottish FA ♦ Elaine Penman - Parent - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ John Connelly - Coach, Parent, Volunteer - CumbernauldColts ♦ Euan Wallace - Player - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ Hunter Wallace - Parent - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ Chris Smith - Coach - Scottish FA & Heriot Watt University FC ♦ Gillian Sanchez - Volunteer - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ Christopher Docherty - Coach - Stenhousemuir FC ♦ Stuart Smith - Coach, Parent - Leith Athletic ♦ Declyn Cooper - Coach - Ayr United Football Academy ♦ Alistair Crichton - Player, Supporter - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ Sharon Moore - Parent - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Eddie Kerr - Coach - Cumbernauld Colts ♦ Ally Crichton - Player - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ Michael Moncur - Coach - Cumbernauld Colts ♦ TeresaGallagher - Coach - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Nikki McCafferty - Coach, Player, Supporter - Scottish FA & West Lothian Council ♦ James Wright - Coach, Parent - Cumbernauld Colts ♦ Kerr Davidson - Referee - Lanarkshire RA ♦ Anne Wright - Parent - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Gordon Watt - Supporter - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ Stewart McKenzie - Volunteer - Cumbernauld Colts FC ♦ Robert Stormonth - Coach - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Joanne Francis - Parent - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Harry McLaughlin - Coach - Milan Boys Club ♦ David Lawson - Coach, Parent - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Robert McCallum - Coach, Parent, Referee, Supporter, Volunteer - Gartcairn Football Academy ♦ Natalia Diaz - Supporter - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ Marcus Diaz - Player - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ Caroline Diaz - Coach, Parent, Supporter, Volunteer - Milngavie Boys Club ♦ Billy McEvoy - Coach - AC Oxgangs ♦ Ewan Mitchell - Coach, Player, Supporter - Dunfermline High First Years♦ Mark McGeown - Coach - Parkmoor Boys Club 1999 ♦ Ian Lowe - Parent, Supporter ♦ Andy Garnett - Supporter ♦ Jim Patterson - Coach - Dundee United Sports Club Girls ♦ David M Wright - Coach - Quarriers United FC Stephen Robertson - Coach - Edinburgh Napier University 1st XI Claire Winning - Coach - Darvel Youth Girls ♦ Carolyn Reuben - Parent, Supporter, Volunteer - Quarriers United FC ♦ Stuart Grieve - Parent - Winning Scotland Foundation ♦ Kayleigh Grieve - Parent, Supporter ♦ Andy Gould - Parent, Coach


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