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Find out how to effectively influence and shape the culture and learning environment of your club from your position as a leader of a football club or organisation.

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Club leader tools

Leading a football club, you have the power and responsibility to impact on youth. Creating a positive, character-building youth football environment may be the most important thing you ever do, because it can provide thousands of children with life lessons in teamwork, commitment, persistence, empathy, and leadership. This will develop a lifelong love of football in your club and they will stay involved as players, coaches and parents in later life who carry forward the legacy they gain from your leadership to influence the next generation. Find our tools here.

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Club leader resources

In both Children’s and Youth Awards Structures, the 12-hour Coaching in the Game Certificate Course looks at the knowledge and understanding required to help young players appreciate concepts such as width, depth and support within the small-sided game. The course is largely practical in nature and prospective coaches are required to demonstrate the ability to coach basic strategies to young players.

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